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219 Nogales Ave, Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Medical Center has been healing patients with oxygen, professionalism, science and compassion since 1998 in the Los Angeles area. Now we are proudly located in the Santa Barbara Riviera since 2005.


Using pure oxygen under increased pressure, helps the body’s natural ability to heal from traumas, chronic diseases and other afflictions is enhanced. During modern HBOT, the patient breathes pure oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. With the concentration of pure oxygen dissolved into the bloodstream is dramatically increased, with virtually no energy expenditure.

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“Hyperbaric O2 therapy is the application of pure oxygen under pressure to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.”

New Customers get 10% off their first session.  Just call our offices and mention the website when you call to make an appointment.

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